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What is product management in tech?

What is product management in tech

In this piece, you’ll find out: “The product manager of today is becoming more and more like the product’s mini-CEO.” They set the vision and strategy for the product and led a diverse group of people (engineers, designers, marketers, etc.)…

How long does it take to become a surgical tech?

How long does it take to become a surgical tech

What does an operative technician do?Even though the surgeon gets all the credit for a successful surgery, a patient’s life depends a lot on how hard and skilled the surgical technologist is. Surgical technologists are important members of the surgical…

How tech companies: are trying woo

How tech companies are trying woo

This month, Google employees went back to their mostly empty offices and were told to take it easy. “Not only should office time be useful, but it should also be fun.” Check out the place a bit. Don’t book meetings…

Tech scammer over seven years who:

Tech scammer over seven years who

A con artist who got some of the biggest tech companies in the world to send him replacement equipment has been given seven years and eight months in a US prison. Justin David May, age 31, used stolen hardware serial…

Tech russia russiasmyslovtechcrunch:

Tech russia russiasmyslovtechcrunch:

Putin’s televised address to the nation, in which he recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Ukrainian territories that have been under Russian control since 2014, made it clear to Smirnov that war was really coming. He…

Tech talent its own to startups:

Tech talent its own to startups:

Tech companies are having trouble finding people with the right skills, and it’s not just web or software developers. The lack of workers is felt all over the IT industry, from network management and cybersecurity to analytics and data services.…

Best long term tech stocks: Investing in Tech Stocks

Best long term tech stocks Investing in Tech Stocks

The technology industry is very big. It includes companies that make gadgets, software, wireless services, streaming services, semiconductors, and cloud computing, just to name a few. Any business that sells a product or service with a lot of technology built…