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elden ring weapon tier list reddit

elden ring weapon tier list reddit:

After playing The Elder Scrolls: Blades for years, I feel like I know enough about how the different weapons in The Elder Scrolls: Elden Ring work together. These are my top choices and the ones I would use based on how well they work and how fast they attack. Weapons are put into groups based on how powerful they are, such as Tier 3, Tier 4, etc. All kinds of weapons, no matter how fast they attack, will use these tiers.

Elden in The Elder Scrolls: The Elden Ring (or TES6) is the follow-up to the action RPG The Elden Ring, which was praised by critics. The developers have said that when a new continent is added to the game world, you will be able to use new and different skills and abilities to explore the world. Sorceries are a big part of the game, and their effects and uses are more varied than in any other game in the series. Because of this, the Elden Ring Sorcery Tier list is made based on all the information about Elden Ring that is known.

The sword of darkness and fire

This is the most famous cheese weapon in the game right now. Do you have trouble with your boss? Use the night and flame swords to make quick work of it. You might need help in a certain part of the game. You can get past it with the night and flame sword. It is the best weapon to use if you want to beat the game quickly and legally, but it is cheesy, and some players will lose respect for you if you use it. But we say to use whatever weapon you feel most comfortable with, because the developers put the weapon in the game for a reason. That’s why it’s on the Elden Ring Weapons Tier List at the S rank.

Fang of the Bloodhound

The first weapon that lets us move around in the game is one that many players will latch on to right away and never let go of. Bloodhound’s Finesse is the name of the blade’s weapon skill. The person who uses this skill slashes up and flips in the air to get away from enemies. It’s a great way to cover a lot of ground and a good way for players to get a feel for how mobile some weapons can be early on in their journey.

Malenia’s Hand

It’s said to be the hardest boss in the whole Soulsborne series, even harder than the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. It is her weapon, and there are several things that make it special. The first is that it is the weapon of Malenia, the goddess of scarlet rot, which makes gamers all over the world angry. The second is the Waterfowl Dance weapon skill. It’s a series of slashes and forward steps that end with a bunch of slashes. When you attack an enemy with this weapon, a part of the damage you do will be healed back to you.

Blood Rivers

This is the katana that is used most to bleed and build blood. Even though it’s used for a reason, it does what it’s meant to do very well. It is the best-looking weapon you can use to take advantage of the bleed mechanic in Elden Ring. That’s why it’s on the list of Elden Ring weapons and has a great weapon skill. The skill basically sends out a bunch of attacks made of cursed blood. This is called corpse piling, and it is a great way to make enemies bleed. It is good enough to be on the Elden Ring Weapons Tier List (S-Tier).


Moonveil is right next to the other katanas. A katana that has the same abilities as the Dark Moon Greatsword, except that it doesn’t look as cool. But when you use the weapon skill “Transient Moonlight,” the real beauty of the weapon comes out. When you use it, you put the blade away and take a stance. When you use the command again, you slash, and a wave of light shoots out, doing a lot of damage.

Blood Rivers

Hatchet Icerind

At first glance, it looks like a normal ice axe, but when you look closer, you can see that it’s actually very good, which is why all speedrunners use it. Hoarfrost Stomp is the name of the weapon’s skill. This skill makes a trail of ice on the ground, which then explodes, hurting enemies and giving them the frost effect. The Icerind Hatchet is great for spamming bosses and taking away chunks of their health instantly, as well as dealing with a large group of enemies.

Staff of the Prince of Death

The best team of people in the whole game It doesn’t have a specific weapon skill, so it can be used with any Ashes of War. However, the most important part of this staff is the death magic that is made stronger. Death sorceries like “Ancient Death Rancor” have some of the highest DPS in the game. They also stun enemies when they hit them more than once, which makes them pretty good.

Knife, Black

Another dagger that doesn’t look like a typical dagger. It throws out the term “short range” and embraces mobility as if it were its long-lost brother. The Blade of Death weapon skill is what makes the Black Knife dagger stand out. It’s basically an anime-style move in which the user jumps into the air, spins around, and throws a scarlet rot projectile at the target. Now, what this does is lower the target’s maximum HP and damage them over time. All in all, it’s a real tank shredder that can be used on enemies with a lot of hitpoints to kill them quickly.

Staff of the Prince of Death

Dark Moon Greatsword

This game has one of the things that FromSoftware games are known for. A big sword with a beautiful marble-like surface on the outside that hides the iridescent shade of green that shows through when the Moonlight Greatsword weapon skill is used to fire a big beam of moonlight. The sword is unique because of its long history and the insane amount of damage it can do if your build is based around it.


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