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Forbes tampa tech Emerging Tech Cities In The U.S.

Forbes tampa tech: Emerging Tech Cities In The U.S.

Terence Mills is the CEO of, a company that specializes in data science and engineering and uses AI to help with healthcare, travel, and entertainment. Tech can’t be stopped. Analysts think that by the end of 2021, the tech business will be worth $461 billion. That includes the problems caused by COVID-19, which didn’t slow down the tech industry very much at all.

People who know a lot about technology are moving to tech cities to find new jobs on the cutting edge of technology. This is causing a new “Great Migration.” We’ll look at five of the most promising tech cities to give you an idea of where the next Silicon Valley might be forming.

1. Tampa

Tampa is quickly becoming the tech capital of Florida. The tech industry has been growing rapidly for a few years. In Tampa, there are more than 50 software and IT companies.

Over 25% of Florida’s tech jobs are in Tampa, and the number of tech jobs has grown a lot in the past few years. In 2021, over 2,000 new tech jobs are expected to join the community, which is already bustling.

Since the tech industry in Tampa is getting so much attention, the economy has been attracting some big-name investors who want to get in on the action. Bill Gates and Jeffrey Vinik, who used to run a hedge fund, have put $3.5 billion into tech-related real estate. This is just one part of a big 50-acre development project that is changing everything about downtown Tampa.

This is just one way that Vinik has put money into the tech future of Tampa. He’s also been working with the city’s vibrant startup scene with his Embarc Collective initiative. Embarc Collective started out intending to be a startup hub, and now it supports as many as 100 early-stage tech companies.

However, COVID-19 flipped the script on that plan, as it did for so many things. First, the Embarc Collective started supporting startups, and then they opened a co-working space. Both of these things went very well.

The help of Vinik and Gates is like adding nitroglycerin to an engine that is already running. In the next ten years, Tampa is set up to become one of the tech hubs of the American South.

VCs are also a big part of Tampa’s rise as a tech hub. Marc Blumenthal is in charge of Florida Funders, which is looking for, funding, and building the next generation of tech companies. Florida Funders invests between $500,000 and $2 million in many tech startups in their early stages.

2. Miami

Tampa isn’t the only tech city in Florida, of course. Miami has become a hub for new ideas in technology. In 2020, two of the biggest names (and money) in technology moved to Miami to live there permanently. Keith Rabois, a partner at Founders Fund, and David Blumberg, who started Blumberg Capital, both moved to Miami. In 2020 alone, they received nearly $1 billion in venture capital.

Neocis, a healthcare robotics company, and aXpire, a software company that makes SaaS fintech products, are just two of the best tech startups in Miami.

Miami has one of the best balances between work and life of any tech hub in the United States. Some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth are only a few minutes away.

3. The Big Apple

Some things will always be the same. One of these is that New York City is one of the business capitals not just of the United States but of the whole world. Another thing that is certain is that New York City will be the place where the old world and the new world meet.

It’s not too much of a surprise, since New York City is one of the places where everything happens. Even that isn’t enough to show how much technology has changed because of that city in the past few years.

First of all, there are many great universities, like NYU and Columbia, where you can learn the most up-to-date tech skills and where the most cutting-edge research is being done. This kind of innovation is happening in all fields that use technology. Not everything is as simple as entering code into a command line.

There is also the public sector. Some parts of New York City have been called “Silicon Alley.” This is the business area around Manhattan’s Flatiron District, where some of the most exciting tech innovations have been happening.

Some New York City startups to watch are Unquork, which makes it easier to build software, and Rhino, which can help you get an apartment without a big deposit.

4. From Silicon Alley to Silicon Hills, which is what Austin has become known as It’s another city that has been growing rapidly in recent years because of a flood of tech workers.

During the pandemic, Austin has become one of the top up-and-coming tech cities. Several well-known tech companies and entrepreneurs relocated to Austin during the pandemic. Oracle and Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, both now live in Austin.


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