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How much does a non certified pharmacy tech make

How much does a non certified pharmacy tech make

Position Synthesis:

Help the pharmacist reach the sales and profit goals set for the department, and make sure all quality standards are being met. Adopt the “customer first” strategy and tell your employees to provide great customer service. Respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion, and safety are some of the core values of the company.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Enter accurate and efficient information about the patient into the computer.
  • Do business with customers in a quick and effective way.
  • We inform our customers about any current charitable sales that are available to them.
  • Learn the rules and follow them when you scan each item.
  • Learn and follow the company’s rules about how to pay with electronic funds like credit/debit cards, EBT cards, and gift cards, as well as with cash and checks.
  • Learn and follow the rules about how to accept and give out vendor coupons, how much cash can be shorted, and how much the company can lose.
  • Learn how the cash register works and follow all of the cashier’s rules to avoid losing money.
  • Maintain a clean and well-organized work environment.
  • By answering questions about the products sold throughout the store, you can make customers feel welcome, important, and appreciated.
  • Follow safety procedures and report unsafe situations to store management to strengthen safety programs.
  • Do preventive maintenance by checking equipment and telling the manager of the right department or store about anything that needs fixing.
  • Tell management about accidents that happen to customers or employees.
  • Report any problems or safety risks, as well as anything illegal, like robbery, theft, or fraud.
  • must be able to do the most important parts of this job with or without reasonable help.

Minimum requirements for the job:

ability to keep information secret and keep it safe. must be 18 years old.
accuracy and attention to detail. The ability to deal with stress and work quickly to meet customer expectations
Communication skills that work
Having a lot of math knowledge (counting, addition, and subtraction)

Previous work experience is wanted.

Previous comparable retail experience
must be registered with the State Board of Pharmacy.

Level of Education: None
Required Certifications/Licenses: Pharmacy Board License Job Type: Shift(s) Available: Day; Evening
Places: South

Georgia is a state.

Kroger hires people who love to help others and want to get to know our customers. No matter where you are in your career, Kroger can help you build your future. We look for people who want more, want to be more, and are willing to work hard to get what they want. What makes us successful is that we put the customer first. Not only do we have jobs in our stores, but we also have jobs in manufacturing, logistics, marketing, finance, human resources, and many other fields.

Minimum requirements for the job

Overview of the Company: The Kroger Family of Companies has almost half a million employees who serve over 11 million customers every day. They do this by making shopping as easy as possible under a variety of banner names. The Kroger Co. is Fresh for EveryoneTM and dedicated to our mission: to feed the human spirit®.We are committed to making communities with “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste” by 2025. The Kroger Company and the other companies in our family offer jobs with competitive pay, flexible schedules, benefits, and room for growth.

Salary of a Pharmacy Technician in Missouri in 2023

In Missouri, a pharmacy technician makes an average of $33,920 per year. About $16.31 an hour is what you can expect to make, which is a little less than the national average. The annual salary depends on a lot of things, like your level of education, your level of experience, your location, the industry you work in, and the size of the company. The salary, tips, bonus, and overtime pay add up to the average total pay. Statistics show that about 83% of the people who work as pharmacy technicians in St. Louis, Missouri, are women. St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Ozark, and Earth City are all good places to look for work in Missouri. The role of a pharmacy technicians in the state has continued to grow, and their value is now seen not just in pharmacies, hospitals, and drug companies but also by health insurance companies and wholesalers of drugs.

How Much a Pharmacy Technician Makes in Missouri Based on Experience

Pharmacy technicians who are just starting out can expect to make $26,330 per year. After the first year, their pay will go up to $28,820. People in the middle of their careers, with 5 to 9 years of experience, can expect to make an average of $32,050 in total pay. You will make $46,170 a year if you have 20 years of experience. Statistics show that a pharmacy tech who has been working for 1–4 years makes 9.4% more than one who is just starting out. Using the starting salary as a base, the salaries go up by 21.7%, 40.4%, and 75.53% for 5 to 9 years of experience, 10 to 19 years of experience, and 20 years of experience and more, respectively. If you graduate from the best pharmacy technician school in the state and do great work, you can expect to make more money.

Level of ExperienceHourlyAnnual
Less than 1 year (Starting)$12.66$26,330
1-4 years$13.86$28,820
5-9 years$15.41$32,050
10-19 years$17.78$36,980
20 years or more$22.20$46,170
How Much a Pharmacy Technician Makes in Missouri Based on Experience

Pay raise (2017-2021)

In Missouri, the salary of a pharmacy technician has gone up at a rate of 15.30% from 2017 to 2021. From 2017 to 2018, the increase was between 4.04 and 4.84 percent. From 2013 to 2016, especially, there hasn’t been much growth, and salaries have only gone up by less than $1000.

YearAnnual SalaryGrowth
Pay raise (2017-2021)


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