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How to get a job at a tech startup

How to get a job at a tech startup

How to Find Employment with a Startup

One of the best professional moves one can make is to work for a startup. You’ll have the chance to grow with the business, work on a cutting-edge product or service, and perhaps even have the potential to acquire company stock in addition to a salary.

Employers’ Preferences

When you start working for a startup, you’ll be expected to perform at full capacity right away. Employers prefer candidates who are self-motivated and have demonstrated an aptitude for independent learning. Because a startup won’t have the systems in place that a huge firm does, you must be self-motivated. There might not be a manager telling you exactly what to do or a human resources manager to onboard you. Candidates must also have a strong sense of teamwork while having the ability to function independently when necessary. You will be able to tell if you meet that requirement by learning a new programming language or marketing technique, for example. During interviews, discuss your skill development with the hiring manager.

Salary Information for Startups

There are various parts that make up startup compensation. You might receive a straight salary or additional compensation in the form of equity in addition to your wage. Use the Startup Salary and Equity Tool on the angel’s website to estimate your prospective earnings. To examine wages and equity information for thousands of startups, choose a role, geography, expertise, or market.

Work-Life Harmony

Don’t expect 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. hours and every evening and weekend off when it comes to juggling your career and your personal life, but you could be able to work a flexible schedule from home; the benefits could be amazing; you’ll have the chance to advance within the organisation.

Where to Find Jobs at Startups

Use job sites: The best place to look for startup positions is AngelList. With only one application, you can apply directly to more than 74,000 jobs. Additionally, each employer’s wage and equity information will be available to you. You’ll establish a profile with your work history and talents when you register on the website. If you want to conduct a private job search, you may either make your profile public or keep it private. 
GitHub Jobs can also be searched for by title, location, employer, and benefits. CoFoundersLab is a website where prospective entrepreneurs look for co-founders if they’re hoping to collaborate and get in on the ground floor. Use “startup” to search Indeed and other popular job sites. as a crucial phrase. Add those terms to your search if you have a preferred working location or if you want a remote job. You’ll be given a list of possibilities to investigate.

Directly Contact Businesses: Look through the listings of the top startups to identify businesses that fit your interests and skill set. Since many businesses are small, connecting with a decision-maker could only require an email or a LinkedIn connection. A cold-contact cover letter is a good approach to drawing attention to your qualifications.

Use Your Networking Connections: Networking is one of the best strategies to land a job with a startup. Do you know anyone? Check Crunchbase by the person (and company) to see which businesses your connections are a part of. You can perform a search by institution to find founders who attended the same university as you. Additionally, investigate if your career services office can put you in touch with alumni at potential employers. Look through your contacts on LinkedIn.

How to get a job at a tech startup

Investigate the Business: Spend time reading reviews of the work environment at startups because certain companies are better to work for than others. In certain circumstances, Glassdoor has reviews for brand-new businesses. Do your homework and research the entrepreneurs to find out what other firms they have been associated with in the past and whether there are any testimonials about what it’s like to work for them. This may give you a good idea of what to anticipate if you work for them.

Get Ready for the Interview

There can be less formality and a shorter interview procedure than if you were applying to a standard corporate job. Be ready for a last-minute informal meeting, video chat, or phone interview. Startup interviews usually involve more informal dress than conventional employment interviews, but you should still present yourself as polished and competent. Take the time to send a thank-you email or note after the interview, as you would with any employment interview.

Guidelines for Assessing a Job Offer

When considering a job offer, carefully consider the compensation package.It’s critical to comprehend the equity package’s workings in addition to going over the pay and perks. It’s crucial to comprehend how options operate and how they are taxed because they sometimes come with unexpected consequences when it’s time to exercise them. You might not have known that you had to pay money to buy the shares, and the check might be smaller than you anticipated.

Consider the equity component of the pay as 0, which is a straightforward way to look at it. Chances are until the startup is extremely successful, you won’t benefit from those possibilities. Therefore, you need to think about the other benefits before accepting them if you are treating them as 0, you will most likely make less money in terms of compensation.

Do you have a career in an emerging industry like artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, blockchain, etc.? Will you have the opportunity to pick up useful and employable skills? Can you use this situation to your advantage in the long run? Can you hitch your wagon to the founders at a later time in your career, and do the founders have any prior startup experience? Are you considering starting your own business and want to get the necessary skills?

When choosing a choice, take into account all the elements that will make this the greatest next step in your career, keeping in mind that your employment with a tech company doesn’t have to last indefinitely. You’ll have the chance to broaden your skill set, enhance your résumé, and gain priceless professional experience in the tech business even if this startup doesn’t succeed long-term.


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