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how to recruit more women in tech

How to recruit more women in tech

Go Where the Women Are

Companies need to advertise where women are looking for jobs in order to find women to hire. It’s easy to find online forums and groups for women who work in technology. A lot of these sites have job and career boards. You don’t have to stop posting jobs the way you usually do, but putting ads on sites where technically skilled women hang out will likely increase the number of women who apply for open positions.

Go Where the Women Are

This isn’t a play on the phrase “Women are from Venus.” It’s just that women often look for different things in a job listing than men do. The tech industry is known for being loud, casual, and full of great perks, but a lot of the language and perks are geared toward young men. Instead of free beer and the newest game consoles, focus on flexible hours and on-site massages to attract smart women who work in tech. Look at the words you use to describe the perfect person for the job. Words like “rock star” and “ninja” are usually used to describe men. How you talk about your workplace could be the key to making it more welcoming.

Become More Family-Friendly

No matter how cool or cutting-edge a company is, people will still get married and have kids. Wired said that the Pew Research Center found that more women (51%) than men (16%) said that being a working mother made it harder to move up in their careers. Look at your family-friendly policies to keep great women working for you. It’s easy to make moms feel valued and respected by giving them help with child care, a place to nurse their babies, or a lot of parental leave. And don’t forget about a proactive transitional programme that invites new parents to come back to a supportive work environment.

 Provide Upward Mobility

One reason why women leave the tech field is that they don’t have as many opportunities as men. Focusing on the future of talented women will go a long way toward getting and keeping them. Mentoring programmes are a great way to help people grow and stay around for a long time. It shows that you care about the women who work for you and want them to grow and do well in their jobs. Encourage them to get more training and go to professional conferences, and pay for these things if you can. If you invest money in women, they will be much more likely to invest money in your business.

How to recruit more women in tech

Be Flexible

The workplace of today is changing. People can now work from almost anywhere, even from a beach chair in the Caribbean. One of the most important things for workers today, especially women who are trying to balance their roles at home and at work, is the ability to be flexible. Having flexible hours and the option to work from home can make women more interested in a job and more likely to stay with it. If your office is open to flexibility, make that clear in job postings and other information about hiring.

Start at the Top

If there are no women in leadership at your company, it can be hard to get a new female employee excited about her long-term prospects there. Give women role models at every level of leadership and actively encourage women to go for promotions and seek advancement. If there are no women in top positions, why would a woman want to join your team? commit to having different kinds of people in leadership positions and include at least one woman in the process of hiring.

Build the Right Pipelines

Getting a more diverse group of people to work in tech won’t happen overnight. Companies that want to change must be in it for the long haul. Start making connections with technical programmes, schools, and groups right away. Set up internships or job-shadowing programmes so that girls and women can see what your company is like and what possibilities a tech career has to offer. Volunteer to talk to a high school STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) group and help fund training programmes or scholarships for female students.

Implement Diverse Hiring Strategies

Don’t leave any stone unturned if you want to find qualified people from different backgrounds to join your organization. Be sure to include at least one female employee in the hiring process, and check all job descriptions and postings regularly for language that makes people feel left out. Associations for diversity like Women in Technology can help you make recruitment materials that are geared toward diversity. Join career fairs that focus on diversity and work with groups that are trying to get more women into the workforce.


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