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how to tech hit a racer

How to tech hit a racer

Pursuit Tech

A Pursuit Tech item is a piece of gear that can hurt other racers or give you an advantage. They only work a certain number of times, and you have to go back to a hideout or a repair shop to get more.

You can only have two Pursuit Tech items equipped at a time, so make your choices carefully. Most of the time, it’s best to use items that fit your current speediest. There are also options for Pursuit Tech that are more advanced. As you move through the game, you’ll be able to use these. Most of the time, they have stronger effects, but they cost more.

Y (Slot 1) and B (Slot 2) on your Xbox One controller are used to use Pursuit Tech items.

Electrostatic Field

The ESF fills the body of your car with a strong static field that protects it from stun mines and EMP locks and gives a strong shock to anyone who touches it. This does a small amount of damage at level 1 and more as you level up.

EMP: The Electromagnetic Pulse finds and locks on to the cars in front of it, then sends out a huge electrostatic pulse that temporarily shuts down their electrical systems. It’s stronger than an electrostatic field, but it takes time to lock on. As you level up this pursuit tech, the damage will go up and the time it takes to lock on will go down.


The jammer creates a temporary field around your car that protects it from tech hits. It also interferes with the HUDs of other nearby drivers, making it impossible for them to use Pursuit Tech. If you raise the levels, you’ll get more charges and be able to make it last longer and reach farther, so you can mess with more cars.

Shock Wave

From the middle of the car, the shock wave sends out a sonic shock blast that damages and pushes away other cars. As this level goes up, the wave will get stronger and push people farther while doing more damage.

Stun Mine

Behind your car, stun mines are set off. When they come into contact with other cars, they will overload the vehicle’s electrical system, causing damage and loss of control. As you level up, you’ll get more mines and more damage, which will keep cars from moving for longer.

Stun Mine
Stun Mine

The turbo system gives the car a quick boost in speed that lasts until its power runs out or it hits something hard. Higher levels will make boosts last longer and give you more of them.

Ram Shock
The Shock Ram sends out a blast of sonic shock waves from the front of the vehicle that damage and pushes away any cars that get in its way. At higher levels, the cars will take more damage and be pushed farther away.

Spike Strip

Spike strips are ejected from the vehicle and quickly grow to damage the tyres of any vehicle that drives over them.For a single deployment, they may affect more than one vehicle.

Rivals: Need for Speed (Xbox 360) Tips and Tricks in General

Since this is an NFS game, the way you play it is more like an arcade game than a simulation. Whether you are a racer or a cop, you will use Pursuit Tech to get where you want to go. Here is a list of the different types of pursuit technology, which factions can use them, and how useful I found each one to be.

Pursuit TechCopRacerDescription
EMPXXProbably one of the most useful Pursuit Techs. Definitely worth upgrading fully once you have the best car in each Career.
ESFXThis is fairly useful since it can function as both offense (if another car hits yours), or defense (protecting you from EMP hits)
HELICOPTERXPotentially useful if the Racers will be forced down a constricted path with no easy ways to go off-road and avoid the spike strips it will drop. When I saw this, I thought this was going to make things much easier, but after several attempts at using it, it didn’t seem useful to me, regardless of the Level I upgraded it to. Unfortunately, AI Racers seemed to usually avoid the dropped Spike Strips with ease. I would suggest saving your speed points
JAMMERXThis Pursuit Tech was fairly useful in a variety of situations, but it is definitely the fastest way to complete speed lists that require you to affect many Racers or Cops with Pursuit Tech since one use will affect all other cars in the range. This will also come in very handy during the final Grand Tour Event.
ROADBLOCKXRacers seemed to always easily avoid these, regardless of the Level I upgraded to, even when used in a constricted space where the Racer should have been affected. Thankfully, only a 1-speed list requires deploying this, regardless of whether it affected a Racer or not. I strongly suggest saving your speed points for Pursuit Tech that is actually useful
SHOCK RAMXVery effective if the Racer can be forced off a cliff or into a wall. This is particularly damaging to Racers when used in a Cop car with high damage resistance by first hitting a Racer with an EMP to temporarily disable them, ramming them at high speed, and then finishing them off with a SHOCK RAM at point blank range if they haven’t been completely disabled yet.
SHOCKWAVEXI found this to be a fairly useful Pursuit Tech, and will definitely be worth upgrading once you have the Ferrari F12
SPIKE STRIPXVery useful, particularly in Events where you are trying to take down multiple Racers. If you can get slightly ahead of a pack of Racers, dropping one of these can potentially damage multiple Racers, and possibly disable them completely
STUN MINEXWhile there are a few speed lists that will require hits with Stun Mines, I didn’t find this as useful compared to the other options available. When you need to complete the speed lists that require it, you can use one of the 3 easily completed Interceptor events with a Level 1 Stun Mine in order to finish the speed list
TURBOXThis Tech is very useful for completing Races with a Gold rating, and extremely helpful during the final Grand Tour Event
Rivals: Need for Speed (Xbox 360) Tips and Tricks in General

You should also know that you have to buy Pursuit Tech for each car in your garage separately. If you only have two or three cars, I would recommend focusing on finishing each career with those few cars. On the walkthrough page for Cop or Racer, I will list cars that would be good for each career.

You will play as both a racer and a cop over the course of the game, and I will give you tips for each on their own pages. Each career has 20 steps and three-speed lists for each step. By completing the goals of each speed list, you will gain rank and may also be able to get a new car, some new pursuit technologies, or a new look for your car. Once you reach Rank 21 in a career, you can keep playing speed lists in any order you want to get that career to Rank 60.


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