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love is blind season 2 reddit

love is blind season 2 reddit:

Format All of the men and women in the show are looking for love and are from the same large city. Ten-day dates between men and women take place in specially constructed “pods.” They are able to communicate through a speaker, but they are unable to see one another. They start off by going on “quick dates,” but later on they have the option of going on longer dates. Whenever they are ready, the couple on a date can propose to one another. The two people first meet in person after a marriage proposal is approved. After that, the couples travel to a resort for a romantic break. They have the chance to get to know one another better and make their first physical contact during this journey. In the experiment, they also get to know the other couples.

The engaged couples will move back to the city apartment building where they live after the retreat. They learn more about each other’s lives while they are in the apartments, where they meet the friends and relatives of their partners. They discuss finances, pastimes, personal habits, and the location of their partners’ future homes. They are also planning their next four-week weddings. The group of women shops for wedding gowns together during this stage of wedding planning, and the group of men shops for suits together, with a few friends or family members accompanying them. Also, they make decisions about the flavor and appearance of their wedding cake. Whether or not to exchange vows at the altar is up to each individual.


Netflix’s breakdown of 2020 viewing statistics shows that Love Is Blind: Season One stayed in the US Top 10 for 47 days after it came out in February. After Cocomelon, which remained there for 64 days, this was the title with the second-longest run in 2020. But unlike young children, adults do not frequently watch the same episodes repeatedly. In 2022, Love Is Blind spent 86 days in the US Top Ten on Netflix. This received more viewers than every other program besides Cocomelon, Stranger Things, and Ozark.
Only one unscripted program, “Love Is Blind,” made Nielsen’s list of the Top Ten Original Streaming Programs for 2022, with 13.1 billion minutes watched. The top television programs in America throughout the year are listed in this list.

Love Is Blind was the most-watched show on Netflix during the first season, which coincided with the COVID-19 outbreak. The first five episodes of “Love Is Blind” reportedly had 1.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen. The following four episodes received 1.3 million viewers, while the final show received 829,00 over the first complete week. On YouTube alone, the reunion episode had garnered around 2.5 million views as of February 23, 2023. Netflix reported that 30 million homes have seen the show at their Q1 conference in April 2020. A second and third season of Love Is Blind were ordered on March 24, 2020.

Negative reaction

The movie has a 74% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 5.75/10, according to 23 critics. Love Is Blind is described as “an intoxicating binge that is both addictive and disturbing” by the site’s critics. Often, its romantic ideal seems destructive rather than aspirational. The weighted average review site Metacritic gave it a score of 62 out of 100, indicating that the majority of critics approved of the film.
According to Variety’s Daniel D’Addario, the popular dating programs “Love is Blind” and “The Ultimatum” has become “the new benchmarks for romantic reality TV.” The competitors are left to their own devices, or at least they appear to be, which D’Addario claims causes the shows of their creator, Chris Coelen, to “move from quite simple set-ups to insane heights of human behavior.”

“Love is Blind” is a “fascinating relationship study with all the drama you adore,” according to Brett White of Decider. According to White, “The first season was a disaster for a reality program as we’d never seen before.” Season 2 went entirely off the rails and may have produced the craziest season of reality TV on Netflix because it lacked the novelty appeal that Season 1 had. “We’re in Season 3 now, and… Love Is Blind might have evolved into a well-produced reality show, or even a docuseries, about the world of love, which is highly complex, occasionally perilous, and often perplexing,” the author said.

Emotional roller

Lucy Mangan’s article for the Guardian is titled “Love is Blind.” “It’s really just a medication,” even drugs like Crystal meth is what is being used. You’ll give it five minutes one evening before going to sleep, and by the time the sun rises the next morning, you’ll be seated on the couch. You’ll be worn out and groggy from all the yelling, emotional investment, WhatsApp messages to a certain group, and moving remarks on various internet forums about the topic. I’m trying to say that it’s that good.

Vanity Fair’s Yohana Delta calls “Love is Blind” “an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end.”
Craig Foster and Minjung Park expressed their concerns in an article for Skeptical Inquirer regarding how the program developed hypotheses and then tested them on small groups of individuals who were not assigned to an experimental or control group. As a result, it is impossible to truly test the independent variable, and social scientists cannot attempt to create something akin to the program in order to test their hypotheses because doing so would violate their ethical standards. The conclusion of the article stated that viewers can enjoy the show as dramatized reality television, but it’s important to remember that actual science is conducted carefully and ethically by professionals who consult one another’s work


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