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old navy fourth of july shirts

old navy fourth of july shirts:

In order to create a new line of Flag Tees that appeals to more Americans, Old Navy collaborated with three of its former Project WE artists. Each t-shirt showcases the individual view of the nation held by the artists.

First-generation American artist Manuela Guillén, whose parents were immigrants from El Salvador and Cuba, created the first-ever Spanish-language Flag Tee for Old Navy. The word “para todos,” which means “for all,” appears in her design to express her conviction that the flag represents inclusion for everyone who desires to call the United States home.

“No matter who you are, America is for you. Everyone is welcome here. I genuinely mean what Guillén stated.

The Flag Tee by model and artist Monica Ahanonu, who lives and works in Los Angeles, symbolizes the intersections of her identities as a black woman and an American. Her creation, “An American Tradition,” embodies the fortitude, bravery, and optimism she believes the flag represents.

Ahanonu declared, “In America, you have the freedom to build the future you envision, no matter what it may be.”

In order to give the traditional symbol a more contemporary and abstract vibe, artist and LGTBQ+ supporter Edward Granger used his distinctive geometric style in the design of his Flag Tee. Granger’s belief, ingrained in him at a young age and still igniting his creative fire, is that the flag stands for creativity and freedom.

“To be an American is to be accepting and open-minded to all.” “Together, we’re in the dream,” Granger remarked.

Traditional flag shirt from Old Navy

The 2022 Flag Tee from Old Navy is a development of the modified design from the previous year and includes the names of the 50 states and the five U.S. territories. The new slogan “United States of All” is placed next to the flag, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to belonging and unity.

The family 2022 Flag Tee Collection, which includes the three Project WE designs, is currently offered at and all U.S. retailers.

co-developed ad campaign

In its summer “Made by America” campaign, Old Navy demonstrated its commitment to reflect the many voices that make up the United States of America as an iconic American brand. Old Navy enlisted the help of a variety of groups to create this inclusive campaign, including influencers, Reddit users, and high school art students, to explore what it means to be an American. The brand used these points of view in a brand-new digital and social Fourth of July campaign that shows the complexity of what it means to be American.

Old Navy is still working with its customers as part of its “Written by the Internet” TV campaign. With the summer commercial, the brand’s collaborative creative approach, which is completely based on what people say on social media, is in its second version. Heather McMahan, a comedian and a big fan of Old Navy, makes a cameo in the summer campaign after a number of people suggested her. The Martin Agency made the ad, showing Old Navy’s updated Americana style and summer clothes for families.

Regarding Old Navy

A global clothing and accessories company called Old Navy has made it possible for any American family to buy the things they need. The business, which was founded in 1994, honors the democratization of fashion by offering products that are stylish, affordable, upbeat, and of great quality. Old Navy, a division of Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS), a San Francisco-based company, offers its consumers a fun, invigorating shopping experience in more than 1,200 locations worldwide.


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