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Rewatch 20m Series Andreessen

Rewatch 20m Series Andreessen

In a Series A funding round, Andreessen Horowitz gave $20 million to Rewatch. Along with the funding round, they have also opened their platform to the general public. Previously, they got customers by inviting them.

Andreessen Horowitz led a $20 million Series A funding round for Rewatch, a platform that offers secure video channels for teams and on-demand video-conferencing solutions. Reports say that along with the fundraising, Rewatch has changed its platform from one that was only open to people who were invited to one that anyone can use.

Semil Shah from Haystack, Kent Goldman from Upside Partners, and a lot of other people took part in the funding round. In January of this year, Semil Shah gave $2 million to Rewatch as part of its seed round of funding. Crunchbase says that with the end of Series A, they have raised $22 million.

Rewatch 20m Series Andreessen

How do they live?

Information getting lost is a common problem with video calls. Most of the time, important information said in video calls is missed because tracking isn’t done well. Rewatch solves this problem by giving organizations a set of tools they can use to make a “system of record,” like an internal video archive where videos can be stored. This is more than just a place where they can watch all of their old live video calls again. It also helps them find information in those calls and organize it.

Connor Sears, the founder of Rewatch, explained that the company’s system is connected to Zoom and Google Meet, two of the most popular video tools in the workplace, so that office or team video chats are automatically imported into the system. After importing, you can look through libraries of conversations or meetings that were recorded on video and watch them whenever you want. It also has transcripts and search tools to help you find information on those calls.

David Ulevitch, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, wrote a blog post in which he praised Rewatch’s co-founders for how well they explain the problem and how they plan to solve it.


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