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what is a hokie of virginia tech

What is a hokie of virginia tech

What is a Hokie?

The answer goes all the way back to 1896, when Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College changed its name to Virginia Polytechnic Institute. With the change, the school needed a new cheer, so the students held a contest to come up with one.

Senior O.M. Stull won first prize for his “Hokie” yell, which is still used today (see “Old Hokie Cheer” below). Later, when asked if “Hokie” meant anything special, Stull said the word came from his imagination and was just a way to get people to pay attention to his yell. It became a nickname for all Tech teams and fans of Tech sports very quickly.

In 1896, the school colours for the university, Chicago maroon and burnt orange, were also chosen. A committee chose the colours because they made a “unique combination” that wasn’t being worn anywhere else at the time. Officially, a “hokie” is a fan of Virginia Tech who is loyal to the school.

The HokieBird’s

The bird is a “Hokie Bird,” which is a turkey that has changed over time. The teams at Virginia Tech used to be called the “gobblers.”

“Old Hokie” Cheer

  • Hokie, Hokie, Hokie,
  • Hy!Tech, Tech,
  • VPISol-a-rex,
  • Sol-a-rahPoly Tech Vir-gin-iaRay rah VPI
  • Team! Team! Team!

We are Techmen, with a true and loyal spirit, supporting our teams with never-ending hopes.
Techmen, oh Techmen, we want to win today, and we’re trying hard to do so.
V.P., old V.P., you know that our hearts are with you. Our luck seems to never end.
We’ll be happy to see you whether you win or lose.

You make V.P.I. proud. Chorus:

Just look at how big and busy our men are.
Assist Orange and Maroon in their victory.Let’s go, techs.
We know that our ends and backs are stronger, and we don’t worry about losing anymore.
Boys, to see our team smash through the line
They are now certain that they must win or die.
So give a Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi, Rae, Ri, old V.P.I. (rarely used)

second verse.

Fight, men, fight, men; we’re going to win.
Adding another victory to our tally—whether in football or baseball, the games in which we play—is what made old VP famous.

Hold ’em, just hold ’em, because you know the Corps is watching your every move.
Before you, it was easy for our teams to win games. —
For VP’s sake, keep the “rep.”

What is a hokie of virginia tech

VPI Victory March (2000 Version) Verse:

You’ve seen the Mountaineers lose the ball; you’ve been in the Hurricanes’ eye; and you’re familiar with old Syracuse.
has mastered the use of Hokie-power.Hi’s
Teams from all over, like the Hoos from UVA, know that a winning team is waiting for them. Today, the victory is ours.

Strain Break: GO, TECH! GO, TECH!

Repeat Verse

Victory March VPI (Original)


You’ve seen the Hoyas fall, and you’ve made the Indians cry. You’re also familiar with the Army mule.
Once kicked, V.P.I.-worthy teams from Lexington have fought hard;
And now it’s time to show everyone that tonight’s victory is ours.
Strain Break: GO, TECH! GO, TECH!
H-O-K-I-E-S, HOKIES! Repeat Verse

Virginia Tech’s School Song


  • Sing praises to your alma mater; for V.P.I., we’ll always cheer. Come raise your voices and make the song louder.
  • Chorus
  • So stand up and sing, “All hail to thee.”
  • V.P., we salute you.

Verse: The orange and maroon you see are fighting to win. Our fight won’t last long today, though, because glory is in this fight.

Verse: “All loyal sons and daughters, as one, we raise our banner to the sun.” Our motto gives us a true spirit so that we can always serve you.


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